When it comes to modelling, most of us have the skills. What we lack is time. Timber Tracks kits are easy to construct, are supplied with comprehensive instructions, drawings and photographs and give you the ability to produce high quality buildings quickly.   Components are pre-cut, fully detailed, and assembled with only the minimum of tools.  All kits are limited editions - none greater than 40 kits, some as little as 6. This emphasises their exclusivity and minimises the chances of similar layouts being seen at exhibitions. No more kits are being produced as being 78, clearly it is time for me to consider retirement. So we are selling to extinction. As you can see from gaps in our range and the Low Stocks lists below, kits for the more popular buildings have either sold out, or will be exhausted soon.

                                               MAD MARCH SALE: Buy One - Get One Free.

Many of our most popular kits have been sold out and you can see from the Low Stocks Lists below, stocks of some others are minimal. Clearly it is time to consolidate stocks of what is left so, for the whole of March, when you purchase from our  Building Kits, Finished Buildings and Track Bases ranges,  we will supply one free for every one you buy.  The cheapest kit is free.

HOW IT WORKS: Select the two kits you require. Order only the higher price kit in the normal way. Towards the end of the process, a Comments box appears. Enter details of the second kit here. Remember, it is the cheapest kit that is free.

4mm Kits: Low stocks Warnings.

T4BGWGSE - Ledbury Goods Shed. 3 kits only.

T4BGWBSW Wookey Station Building - 3 kits only

T4BGWSBA - Timber Signal Box A: 1 kit only.

T4BGWSBB Brick Signal Box - 3 kits only.

T4BKLES - Kyle of Lochalsh Engine Shed - 4 kits only.

7mm Kits: Low stocks Warnings.

T7BLRFA - Factory Building A: 1 kit only.

T7BLRLBB - Low Relief Lineside Building B - 3 kits only.

T7BLRLBC - Low Relief Lineside Building C - 3 kits only.

T7BGWSBA - Timber Signal Box A -  1 kit only.

Full Size Replica Headboards, Station Signs,  Name and Number Plates.

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