Construction Curves

Each Curve is approximately 600mm long and is made from Ply or MDF as appropriate to the scale P4 and EM sets. Both have 18 curves - 24in, 26in, 28in, 30in, 32in, 34in, 36in, 38in, 40in, 42in, 44in, 46in, 48in, 50in, 52in, 54in radii curves, one straight and a transitional curve - straight to 48" radius. These are approximately 500mm long.

00/On30 set. Nine curves - 6in, 12in, 18in, 24in, 30in, 36in, 42in, 48in radii curves, plus one straight.

32mm F7 and 33mm S7 Sets. Ten Curves - 5ft, 5ft 6in, 6ft - 2 off, ft, 6ft 6in, 7ft, 7ft 6in, 8ft, one straight and one transition curve 0-8ft transition.

Other Curves are in the course of preparation.