4mm Wookey Station Building

This is based upon Wookey  Station Building and is a Companion to the Platform Mounted Signal Cabin , (T4BGWSBW).  Being so small, it is perfect for space starved modellers. The simple, but interesting track layout of Wookey, makes it an ideal, ‘shunting plank. The goods traffic was out of all proportion to its size – mainly wagon loads of bagasse destined to the adjacent Paper Mill, which had its own private siding.

There is a financial advantage in purchasing the Signal Box and the Station Building together. See T4BGWWP.

To complete the scene, Wookey Goods Shed and the adjacent Road Bridge are in the course of construction and should be available soon.

Footprint: 116mm x56mm NB. This includes the Gentlemans Modesty Screen.

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