BOGOF - Buy one - Get one free.

My 83rd birthday, due shortly, gives a warning that nobody can go on forever. So there will be no more runs cut of our existing range and no new kits will be produced.  I have reasonable stocks of many kits, but with some others, there are just a couple left. All will, (hopefully), be sold to extinction. So I am making a two for one offer on our 4mm and 7mm Building Kits.  As always  with BOGOFs, the cheapest of the two kits selected will be free. Just order the highest price kit in the normal way. Towards the end of the buying process a Comments box appears. Enter details of the second kit here. All kits currently listed are available - I will remove them as each one is sold out.

We will continue producing our Nameplate Kits. Although most end up screwed to wall in enthusiasts houses, several of the Preserved Lines rely on us to produce Headboards and Nameplates. Then there are the 'wedding specials' and, sadly, 'funeral ones', that mark ashes going through a firebox.  I really enjoy the challenges these present. And I will continue to undertake special commissions. 

I have decided to sell Tetbury, my P4 layout.  Designed as an exhibition layout, (it has never been taken out) and fits into a  19' x 22' room. Please contact me if you are interested and wish to view..

PLEASE NOTE: I may not be in the office at all times. However, our new Cloud system will transfer the call to my mobile phone after 4 rings, so please persevere  and you will get through to me.

Full Size Replica Headboards, Station Signs,  Name and Number Plates.

Not all our plates end up screwed to walls. The photo below, shows Foremark Hall, renamed and renumbered as 6999 Capel Dewi Hall, for a special event on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway.

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