Track Bases

Timber Tracks Bases mark a radical new departure in track construction. For years we have been saying that model railway trackwork should ‘flow’ and be designed as a whole, rather than as turnouts ‘stitched’ together by lengths of plain track.

Instead of individual sleepers and turnout timbers, (although these are also available), the system is based on laser cut turnout bases and track panels. Each panel is flexible, so you can create sweeping curved turnouts and track.  Check the Gallery page on this web site for details of how to construct turnouts and track, using them.

Before constructing anything, you can download the PDF track drawings to help you plan your layout. Once you have purchased the track bases, you can build the turnouts off baseboard in the usual way, but a better method is to  glue the panels direct to the baseboard, adjusting as necessary. The connecting bars can be cut away easily, or they can be left, for in most cases they will be hidden under the rails.

Now you can ballast – far easier with no chairs and rails to get in the way. Carry out lineside scenics too if you wish. Then add chairs and rail – glued down with Butanone in the usual way.

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