On30 Bachmann Spectrum 2-6-0 loco in Pensylvania livery.

I offer four Sprectrum On30 locos, all manufactured by Bachmann and only available as DC. They were owned by an owner of a DCC layout, who sadly, passed away following a long illness. I can only assume he purchased them in order to convert to DCC, but never got around to it. I cannot swear they are unused, but if thy were run they could only have been lightly run, as they were not run it.

I have had them converted to DCC professionally, using ESU decoders. I have had each one running for half an hour on my layout and they are fine. The locos are in their original boxes, although one of the boxes of the 2-6-0 locos has been torn at the corner. All photographed on my 24ft layout, which I will probably sell sometime this year, so I can concentrate of my 26ft P4 layout

25214 2-6-0 loco in Pennsylvania livery. I have two of these.


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