When it comes to modelling, most of us have the skills. What we lack is time. Timber Tracks kits are easy to construct, are supplied with comprehensive instructions, drawings and photographs and give you the ability to produce high quality buildings quickly.   Components are pre-cut, fully detailed, and assembled with only the minimum of tools.  All kits are limited editions - none greater than 40 kits, some as little as 6. This emphasises their exclusivity and minimises the chances of similar layouts being seen at exhibitions.

Please note: The Track Construction Curves have been moved to the 4mm and 7mm Building Kits pages.

There is a new heading on the Home page - Sale Items. My 80th birthday, a while ago, made me realise that I have unmade loco, coach and wagon kits that I will never have time to make up. In particular, I have a number of JLRT and other manufacturers' GWR 7mm loco and coach kits and, following a change of era, some 4mm diesel locos and coaches, in P4. I also have a number of On30 locos that are surplus to my requirements.  My collection of railway titles exceeds 1000 books and I have cupboards full of MRJs. I must thin these out. I will be adding these to the Sale Items page as time allows. 

7mm loco. carriage and wagon kits added. Kits by JLRT, Dragon, Roxey, Fourtrack and Powsides at attractive prices. On30 - 5 DCC and 1 DCC Sound loco added.

PLEASE NOTE: I may not be in the office at all times. However, our new Cloud system will transfer the call to my mobile 'phone after 4 rings, so please persevere  and you will get through to me.

Full Size Replica Headboards, Station Signs,  Name and Number Plates.

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