Name Plate Kits

Engine name and number plates change hands for astronomic sums - far beyond the reach of most folk's pockets. Even if you could afford them, chances are that the ones you want will never appear for sale. When I was at the NRM recently,  I was struck by how magnificent the wall of name plates looked. OK. So we cannot have the originals, but you can create full size replicas from our easy to construct kits.  The lists below show what is available now, and we will add to this as we create more. If you want anything that is not  listed, please contact us.

Not featured in these lists are a whole range of British Locomotive Builders’ Plates. We have data on 100+ builders. These are smaller than locomotive plates and can be grouped to produce stunning wall decorations. Please contact us with your enquiries. We have also produced many locomotive headboards for weddings and, (sadly), funerals. Please contact us with your ideas.

Each kit comes with full instructions. But these are hardly necessary, as they are so simple to build, consisting of the letters/numbers and usually no more than 2- 6 pieces. The faceplates have the letter positionings engraved upon them, making fixing an easy operation. Painting is easy, using readily available spray paint cans and construction should take no more than an hour or so, not including time spent waiting for glue and paint to dry.  

When ordering, use the Comments Box,  to identify the name plate, both by name and engine number you require.  This box appears in Step 4: Delivery method, as you checkout. NB. The sizes given are only a guide, as with some Classes the dimensions varied from name to name. Despatch is normally 2-7 days from receipt of order.

Our laser cutting service is fast and flexible. We have cut 'one-offs', such as model railway layout nameboards, headboards for 5" and 7 1/4" locos and special items for preserved railway companies.  So, if there is something you have in mind, that is not covered by our standard range, why not talk to us about it?

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