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Welcome to the Timber Tracks website

When it comes to modelling, most of us have the skills. What we lack is time. Timber Tracks kits are easy to construct, are supplied with comprehensive instructions, drawings and photographs and give you the ability to produce high quality buildings quickly.   Components are pre-cut, fully detailed, and assembled with only the minimum of tools.

Each kit will be a limited edition of 40, numbered and signed.

SPECIAL NOTE RE 4mm Coaling Stage.

Whilst dusting this model, I caught the ladder and broke it in half.  Fortunately, I have a replacement. Looking at it, I realised it was OK, but is a bit fiddly to build up.  So I have cut one as a single piece. It looks better and hopefully is stronger.  Now, if you have a kit made up and are not happy with the ladder, or have a kit, which you have not yet started, then please email your address, etc. and I will happily mail you an improved ladder FOC.

NEW! Full Size Replica Headboards, Station Signs,  Name and Number Plates.
Click for details.

Click for details.

Timber Tracks