When it comes to modelling, most of us have the skills. What we lack is time. Timber Tracks kits are easy to construct, are supplied with comprehensive instructions, drawings and photographs and give you the ability to produce high quality buildings quickly.   Components are pre-cut, fully detailed, and assembled with only the minimum of tools. We now offer a full building and painting service, should  you would prefer to purchase a building ready to be placed upon your layout.  The price for this will be found on each page. All kits are limited editions - none greater than 40 kits, some as little as 6. This emphasises their exclusivity and minimises the chances of similar layouts being seen at exhibitions.

But much of our time is now spent producing 'ONE OFF SPECIALS' for clients who require a specific building or buildings.  Please contact us by telephone for this service, so we can discuss your individual requirements and advise a lead time.

Shown left is our latest commission. It is one block of three rows of terraced houses in Irktown - a suburb of Manchester . No street would be complete without the 'local' and 'The Dyers Arms' pays homage to one of the two local industries - the other    being brush making.  The etched glass windows, typical of pubs in the area, are made from.... etched glass!  I have ideas for this particular block -  part of a low relief run of terraced houses perhaps?

Our latest kit is shown below.  It is Arley station building built as it is now on the Severn Valley railway. There will be no more than twelve of these kits and  ten have  been sold.      The   down platform waiting room and signal box in 7mm are available, to complete the station area.     If there is sufficient interest, I could be persuaded to produce it in 4mm. Please contact us if you have any thoughts.

BUT.  I plan to retire at the end of 2018. I will be 77 by then and feel my age.  After my experience in selling Carrs and C+L Finescale, it is unlikely that I will be passing the business on, so Timber Tracks will just be allowed to disappear.   I hope to carry on as normal until then.  Now in our store we have 40+ fully finished prototype buildings, which you can see photographed on the 4mm and 7mm Building Kit pages.  It would be a shame to see them thrown into a skip, so we will be accepting sensible offers for these.  You are most welcome to examine them at our stores, which is just 4 miles from J19 M5.

Update: 04/01/18.  The 4 Road engine Shed has proved to be very popular. In 7mm, all kits have been sold.  In 4mm, we have one kit remaining and the finished test build completed model is for sale. With the Extended Four Road shed, we have one only one 4mm kit in stock, but will be cutting a few more in late Spring. In 7mm we have just two kits left.

OUR NEXT EXHIBITION:   UWE Bristol. Sunday 28th January. After this, the next will be GOGG Reading 1st December.

Full Size Replica Headboards, Station Signs,  Name and Number Plates.

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