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Welcome to the Timber Tracks website

When it comes to modelling, most of us have the skills. What we lack is time. Timber Tracks kits are easy to construct, are supplied with comprehensive instructions, drawings and photographs and give you the ability to produce high quality buildings quickly.   Components are pre-cut, fully detailed, and assembled with only the minimum of tools. We now offer a full building and painting service, should  you would prefer to purchase one of ours kits ready to be placed upon your layout.  The price for this will be found on each page. All kits are limited editions - none greater than 40 kits, some as little as 6. This emphasises their exclusivity and minimises the chances of similar layouts being seen at exhibitions. 

But much of our time is now spent producing 'ONE OFF SPECIALS' for clients who require a specific building or buildings.  Please contact us by telephone for this service, so we can discuss your individual requirements and advise a lead time.

SPACE SAVER SALE!   Our kits - and particularly the finished test build models, take up a fair amount of room and we are now running out of space. With some, we have only a few left, so we have reduced the prices of these, to help us make room on our shelves.  These are:

Goods Shed A - 4mm only:    Corner Shop:     Stationmasters House:     Platform Waiting Room:

NEW! Full Size Replica Headboards, Station Signs,  Name and Number Plates.
Click for details.

Click for details.

Timber Tracks